Finite Element Analysis of Fixed Medial Malleolar Fractures

Ruchi D. Chande, John R. Owen, Robert S. Adelaar, Jennifer S. Wayne
2013 Volume 1B: Extremity; Fluid Mechanics; Gait; Growth, Remodeling, and Repair; Heart Valves; Injury Biomechanics; Mechanotransduction and Sub-Cellular Biophysics; MultiScale Biotransport; Muscle, Tendon and Ligament; Musculoskeletal Devices; Multiscale Mechanics; Thermal Medicine; Ocular Biomechanics; Pediatric Hemodynamics; Pericellular Phenomena; Tissue Mechanics; Biotransport Design and Devices; Spine; Stent Device Hemodynamics; Vascular Solid Mechanics; Student Paper and Design Competitions   unpublished
Many people contributed to the success of this work, and all deserve great thanks. First, to my advisor Dr. Jennifer Wayne, I give my sincerest thanks and appreciation for providing me with guidance throughout my graduate career. You provided me with both the freedom to explore various paths during my research, as well as helpful advice to point me in the right direction whenever I came to a fork in the road. You always kept me on track so that the outcome of my work was the best that it could
more » ... e. In addition to supporting me throughout the research process, you kindly gave me advice regarding career path, gave me multiple opportunities to teach, and even pointed me towards an internship. For all you have done, I am so very grateful and privileged to have had you as my mentor during my graduate studies. To Dr. Gerald Miller and Dr. Robert Adelaar, thank you for providing both your support and your wisdom to me during this research. Your feedback was much appreciated and allowed me to further improve my work. Additionally, I'd like to thank Dr. Ryan Graves and Dr. Tejas Patel for providing me with their insight as they performed the experimental testing. You both allowed me to better understand the clinical aspects of my research, which helped me tremendously as I approached my FEA studies. To Dr. Ramana Pidaparti and Jae Lee, I thank you for allowing me to use your computational resources. Your kindness was instrumental in completing various simulations quickly, and I so appreciate you both allowing me to utilize your lab. I also want to thank the sweet friends I was fortunate enough to find in my very own lab: Meade, Sean, Afsar, Johnny, Casey, and Erika. Whether it was in the form of advice, support, entertainment, or an endless supply of chocolate, you all have provided me with good friendship and wonderful company during these past few years. I have to give special thanks to Meade, Sean, Johnny, and Afsar who, despite their own busy schedules and hefty workloads, never once failed to help me, answer my questions, give their advice, or sit with me to teach me something new. You have no idea how much your kind patience and help both inside and outside of lab were appreciated! To the VCU Tech Transfer crew-Ivelina, Allen, Clara, Wendy, and Nicky, you all have been an absolute pleasure to know and work with! I could not have asked for a better group of coworkers and I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside and learn from all of you! Allen, I have to give you special thanks because you have always been so supportive of me at work and yet so understanding about school priorities. You are an excellent teacher, and I have learned so much from you. I truly value your guidance at work and sincerely appreciate all of your advice. Last, but certainly not least, I give thanks to my family who has always, always been my number one cheerleader. I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents and such a caring sister. You all always offered your endless support and encouragement and never failed to believe in me. To my mom, Pallavi, thank you for always being a calming influence, reassuring me when the going got tough, reminding me that I can do it...and of course for providing endless amusement in the form of Pook pics and funny quotes. To my dad (and fellow engineer), Dilip, I thank you for always "talking out" the research, being a sounding board for me, and having all those good chats about life. You, too, never failed to remind me what I was capable of and I so appreciate that! And to Neha, my awesome sister and significant other, you have always been my biggest supporter and greatest friend. You are truly a wonderful and admirable person. I thank you for always taking care of me and being right there next to me through the good and the bad! You're a good, good egg.
doi:10.1115/sbc2013-14632 fatcat:rbdy74gy6zdivb2jm36f4txzjq