Accurate resection of periacetabular tumor and reconstruction with a novel 3D printing individualized prosthesis

Zheng Guo, Hong-Bin Fan, Jun Fu, Xiao-Kang Li, Yu-Lin Hao
From December 2010 to May 2016, 8 patients with periacetabular tumor (chondrosarcoma 5 cases and GCT 3 cases) were treated by accurate en-bloc resection and precise reconstruction with a novel 3D printing individualized prosthesis.One case suffered dislocation of hip joint and two cases presented deep venous thrombosis. The mean follow-up period was 37.5 months (range, 5-70 months). 6 patients survived free of disease. One patient was subject to local recurrence after one year. One patient died
more » ... from distal metastasis after three years. No infection, prosthesis loosening and breakage occurred. The MSTS score was 18~27. Our study suggest 3D printing implants might be a promising approach for precision reconstruction and long-term stability.
doi:10.29007/lrvd fatcat:igu3letrrbg5jac42k4uc4u4fy