'Monetary Plurality' and 'Currencies for an AlternativeEconomy': Two Padadigms of Complementary Currency Research

Rolf Schroeder
Many practitioners and researchers in this field consider money to bethe centrepiece of complementary currencies. This paper identifies asecond line of thinking, through which the discourse on an'alternative economy' had a significant influence on the developmentof these social innovations during the 1980s and 1990s. This articlediscusses two questions: The first one concerns the influence of, andthe relationship between these two lines of thought. A monetary focusgradually superseded earlier
more » ... uperseded earlier interpretations of these systems andeventually occupied a dominant position. Is there sufficient commonground between researchers of cryptocurrencies and traditionalcomplementary currencies to share a single discourse network? Thesecond question concerns the potential of local currencies withstrictly limited convertibility. Against the background of animpending recession this article offers a perspective of how newlydesigned complementary currencies can become viable elements of analternative economic structure beside the capitalism economy.
doi:10.15133/j.ijccr.2020.015 fatcat:dgundgqgm5fqleagrtnclxiiwe