Characterization of an Electron Gun Test Setup Based on Multipacting

Christian Henkel, Klaus Flöttmann, Wolfgang Hillert, Velizar Miltchev, Boland, Mark (Ed.), Tanaka, Hitoshi (Ed.), Button, David (Ed.), Dowd, Rohan (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Tan, Eugene (Ed.)
A multipacting electron gun (MEG) is a micro-pulse electron source, based on secondary electron emission in a resonant microwave cavity structure, for the generation of low emittance electron bunches in continuous wave operation. Based on numerical simulations, an experimental test setup for low-energy electron beams at 3 GHz has been established. In this contribution we show a detailed description and characterization of the RF test stand, supported by first results on charge collection
more » ... ments of the output current with respect to important operational parameters like power transmission and modifiable mechanical dimensions in the assembly of the experiment. This is a milestone in the development of a MEG setup for higher energetic electron beams and subsequent investigation of essential beam characteristics like emittance and energy distribution for the optimization with regard to best possible beam quality and future fields of application.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2019-tupts013 fatcat:m6er7bfkazdozjd7qmcckr3baq