Access control for M2M infrastructures in 5G networks

Andreea Ancuta Corici, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Thomas Magedanz
In telecommunication sector, the term Access Control (AC) was defined in the standard from 1997 and included multiple meanings, one of which is used in this context: Access Control is the function performed by the resource controller that allocates system resources in order to satisfy (user) requests. In this context, the resources are: (i) Internet Protocol (IP) (RFC0791) connectivity from a Fifth Generation Wireless (5G) Core Network and (ii) communication to dynamically spawned Machine to
more » ... hine (M2M) Applications server instances. At a functional level, the mobile networks communication stratum can be separated into three distinct planes and the associated type of components, as defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the Technical Report from 2004: (i) Data Plane - components which transfer the data between the different entities, (ii) Control Plane - components which control the operation of the specific layer entities and the support components and (iii) Management Plane - components used to manage the specific layer entities and the support components. Following the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) list of 5G system requirements, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is in the process of standardizing the 5G system core network architecture. In more details, the resulting 5G system architecture is the first mobile core network architecture having the Control Plane and Data Plane handled by different components. The management plane resides in multiple components that handle policies for access control or detect malfunctions. In the architecture the component interfacing with the applications was already included in the core network of Long Term Evolution (LTE), called Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and is now transcending an increase of exposed capabilities. Application Area: Machine to Machine Applications One of the application areas supported by 5G is Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. In recent years the M2M technologies have reached a certain level of acceptance [...]
doi:10.14279/depositonce-9776 fatcat:6gecgrobbndnjapddhoi3omkdm