REST service testing based on inferred XML schemas

Alvaro Navas, Pedro Capelastegui, Francisco Huertas, Pablo Alonso-Rodriguez, Juan C. Dueñas
2014 Network Protocols and Algorithms  
The concept of service oriented architecture has been extensively explored in software engineering, due to the fact that it produces architectures made up of several interconnected modules, easy to reuse when building new systems. This approach to design would be impossible without interconnection mechanisms such as REST (Representational State Transfer) services, which allow module communication while minimizing coupling. . However, this low coupling brings disadvantages, such as the lack of
more » ... ansparency, which makes it difficult to systematically create tests without knowledge of the inner working of a system. In this article, we present an automatic error detection system for REST services, based on a statistical analysis over responses produced at multiple service invocations. Thus, a service can be systematically tested without knowing its full specification. The method can find errors in REST services which could not be identified by means of traditional testing methods, and provides limited testing coverage for services whose response format is unknown. It can be also useful as a complement to other testing mechanisms.
doi:10.5296/npa.v6i2.5360 fatcat:wwnipl3ywbcqdcvi4llhxgcpxy