Aerodynamics of a wheelchair sprinter racing at the 100m world record pace by CFD

Pedro Forte, Daniel A. Marinho, Jorge E. Morais, Pedro Morouço, Paula Pascoal-Faria, Tiago M. Barbosa
The aim of this study was to analyze aerodynamics in a racing position of a wheelchair-racing sprinter, at the world record speed. The athlete and wheelchair were scanned at the beginning of the propulsive phase position (hands near the handrims at 12h) for the 3D model acquisition. Numerical simulation was run on Fluent, having as output the pressure, viscosity and total drag force, and respective coefficients of drag at the world record speed in T-52 category. Total drag was 7.56N and
more » ... s 7.56N and coefficient of drag was 1.65. This work helped on getting a deeper insight about the aerodynamic profile of a wheelchair-racing athlete, at a 100m world record speed.
doi:10.1063/1.5043818 fatcat:a4jlbi5vu5befk6yzpttsyo4sa