Annealing induced colossal magnetocapacitance and colossal magnetoresistance in In-doped CdCr2S4

Y. M. Xie, Z. R. Yang, L. Li, L. H. Yin, X. B. Hu, Y. L. Huang, H. B. Jian, W. H. Song, Y. P. Sun, S. Q. Zhou, Y. H. Zhang
2012 Journal of Applied Physics  
The correlation between colossal magnetocapacitance (CMC) and colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) in CdCr2S4 system has been revealed. The CMC is induced in polycrystalline Cd0.97In0.03Cr2S4 by annealing in cadmium vapor. At the same time, an insulator-metal transition and a concomitant CMR are observed near the Curie temperature. In contrast, after the same annealing treatment, CdCr2S4 displays a typical semiconductor behavior and does not show magnetic field dependent dielectric and electric
more » ... sport properties. The simultaneous occurrence or absence of CMC and CMR effects implies that the CMC in the annealed Cd0.97In0.03Cr2S4 could be explained qualitatively by a combination of CMR and Maxwell-Wagner effect.
doi:10.1063/1.4770486 fatcat:snwrli7nlre23ftnkjhmrewalm