Intercropping Systems in Sustainable Agriculture

Ertan Yildirim, Melek Ekinci
Different systems have been investigated that can increase the yield to be taken from agriculture area in order to increase the crop production decreasing with the decrease of the agricultural areas available in the worldwide. One of these systems is intercropping. Intercropping is characterized as production of two or more different crop species at same time on the same piece of land. Intercropping is one of the most effective methods in agricultural production with a long history. It is known
more » ... istory. It is known as the achievement of a high and stable production that not only raises complementary products in the area but also reduces the harmful effects of diseases and pests, prevents pollution and results in effective use of resources. In this review study, it is informed about the use and importance of the intercropping system which is mainly based on very old ones and which is of great importance in recent years in agricultural production.