A mobile bazaar for wide-area wireless services

Rajiv Chakravorty, Sulabh Agarwal, Suman Banerjee, Ian Pratt
2006 Wireless networks  
We introduce MoB, an infrastructure for collab-6 orative wide-area wireless data services. MoB proposes to 7 change the current model of data services in the following 8 fundamental ways: (1) it decouples infrastructure providers 9 from services providers and enables fine-grained competi-10 tion, (2) it allows service interactions on arbitrary timescales, 11 and, (3) it promotes flexible composition of these fine-grained 12 service interactions based on user and application needs. 13 At the
more » ... t of MoB is an open market architecture 14 in which mobile users can opportunistically trade various 15 services with each other in a flexible manner. In this pa-16 per we first describe the overall architecture of MoB in-17 cluding various enablers like user reputation management, 18 incentive management, and accounting services. We next 19 present our experience from both simulations as well as 20 our prototype implementation of MoB in enhancing applica-21 tion performance in multiple different scenarios-file trans-22 fers, web browsing, media streaming, and location-enhanced 23 services.
doi:10.1007/s11276-006-9853-3 fatcat:p2uxgp6ydravpcyqjeul673vge