1911 Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine  
in his admirable work on "The Roentgen Ray in Pediatrics," has pointed out the need of improvement in our method of standardizing or grading growing children as to their capacity for physical and mental work. He has made the interesting and novel suggestion that the stage of ossification of the carpal bones as determined by the radiograph may be used for this purpose. If it be shown that such a test can be made and interpreted with accuracy, and that it will give an accurate index of physical
more » ... index of physical and mental capacity of the subject, a very valuable contribution to the domain of preventive medicine will have been made. The investigations described in this paper were undertaken with a view to applying the ingenious method proposed by Dr. Rotch to a few cases, and tabulating the results. These investigations have not covered the question of the relation of the development of the skeleton as a whole to physical and mental capacity, nor of the relation between carpal ossification and the rest of the skeleton. Among the normal children, no selection was exercised. We took all the material that we could obtain. Among the idiots we selected the most idiotic. As stated above, we have not investigated the relation between carpal ossification and the development of the rest of the skeleton, but we have observed in more than one-third of our children so many discrepancies in development between the right and the left wrist of the same individ¬ ua I that we must doubt the value of using a radiograph of the wrist as an accurate index of the development of any other part of the body.
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