Magnetic Raman Scattering from 1D Antiferromagnets

Rajiv R. P. Singh, Peter Prelovšek, B. Sriram Shastry
1996 Physical Review Letters  
We study Raman scattering from 1D antiferromagnets within the Fleury-Loudon scheme by applying a finite temperature Lanczos method to a 1D spin-half Heisenberg model with nearest-neighbor (J 1 ) and second-neighbor (J 2 ) interactions. The low-temperature spectra are analyzed in terms of the known elementary excitations of the system for J 2 0 and J 2 1͞2. We find that the low-T Raman spectra are very broad for jJ 2 ͞J 1 j # 0.3. This broad peak gradually diminishes and shifts with temperature,
more » ... s with temperature, so that at T . J 1 the spectra are narrower and peaked at low frequencies. The experimental spectra for CuGeO 3 are discussed in light of our calculations. [S0031-9007(96)
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.77.4086 pmid:10062384 fatcat:lkxiasp34jbhlg25q3finm3txq