Review of Yu. A. Kashuba's monograph "Suspended sentence (release) with mandatory involvement in labor" under the scientific editorship of the laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, PhD (Law), ScD (Economics), Professor N. D. Eriashvili
Рецензия на монографию Ю. А. Кашубы «Условное осуждение (освобождение) с обязательным привлечением к труду» под научной редакцией лауреата премии Правительства Российской Федерации в области науки и техники, кандидата юридических наук, доктора экономических наук, профессора Н. Д. Эриашвили

Aleksei Rodionov
2019 International penitentiary journal  
The article presents a review of a monograph on the problems of penal law "Suspended sentence (release) with mandatory involvement in labor". The monograph was published in "UNITY-DANA: Law and Right" in 2018 ISBN 978-5-238-03062-3. The author is Yuriy Anatol'evich Kashuba, DSc (Law), Professor, professor of penal law department at the Academy of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia. The monograph is recommended for publication by the Research Institute of Education and Science, as well
more » ... Science, as well as the International Educational and Methodological center "Professional textbook". The monograph is devoted to Institutes of probation with mandatory involvement in labor and conditional release from places of liberty deprivation with mandatory involvement of the convict in labor. These institutions were founded since the decrees adoption of the Supreme Soviet Presidium of the USSR "About parole from places of imprisonment for convicts, who have embarked on a way of correction, for work on constructions of national economy enterprises" (adopted on 20.03.1964), "About probation with mandatory involvement of convicted persons in labor" (adopted on 12.06.1970). After liquidation of the USSR, they were canceled in 1993. Later, the legislator introduced new types of punishment – restriction of freedom, and later – forced labor that borrowed many elements from probation with mandatory involvement in labor (Article 24.2 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR) and parole with mandatory involvement of convicted persons in labor (Article 53.2 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR). The monograph can be used in improving the norms of criminal, criminal procedural and penal legislation, in the activities of the Penal system, in the process of teaching criminal and penal law and other related disciplines.
doi:10.33463/2712-7737.2019.01(1-3).3.197-200 fatcat:2ffhr7fabne3fjxwhyn5fhshmy