The influence of competences and support on school performance feedback use

Jan Vanhoof, Goedele Verhaeghe, Jean Pierre Verhaeghe, Martin Valcke, Peter Van Petegem
2011 Educational studies (Dorchester-on-Thames)  
Information-rich environments are created in order to promote data use in schools for the purpose of self-evaluation and quality assurance. However, providing such (feedback) information does not guarantee that schools will actually put it to use. One of the main stumbling blocks relates to the interpretation and diagnosis of the information. This study examines the relationship between the data literacy competences of the users, the support given in interpreting the information, the use of the
more » ... ion, the use of the feedback, and the possible resulting school improvements effects. A randomised field experiment with 188 school principals from primary education was set up and a post-test was used to investigate the effects of a support initiative. The results revealed that a minority had invested significantly in the interpretation and diagnosis of the school performance feedback (SPF), despite the fact that most of the respondents showed an interest in the SPF report. The role of data competence support and the subsequent use of feedback were also found to be limited.
doi:10.1080/03055698.2010.482771 fatcat:lllwodnyjrh77gg3rq22jex4bu