Transmission Line Management Using Hybrid Differential Evolution with Particle Swarm Optimization

K Pandiarajan, C Babulal
JES Journal of Electrical Systems This paper proposes an application of hybrid differential evolution with particle swarm optimization (DEPSO) for transmission line management in power system network. Generation rescheduling is performed to reinstate the system from abnormal to normal operating condition. The identification of overloaded lines is based on computation of overload factor (OLF). The objective of the proposed approach is to alleviate the transmission line overload by reducing
more » ... d by reducing severity index (SI) subjected to the power balance, voltage and generator limit constraints. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated for different contingency cases in IEEE 30 and IEEE 118 bus systems in MATLAB environment and their results are compared with other evolutionary algorithms like Particle swarm optimization (PSO) and Differential evolution (DE). The results show DEPSO approach well proves its ability to remove the line overloads with a minimum rescheduling cost.