An Efficient Continuous Subgraph Matching Scheme Considering Data Reuse
데이터 재사용을 고려한 효율적인 연속 서브 그래프 매칭 기법

Dojin Choi, Kyoungsoo Bok, Jaesoo Yoo
2019 Journal of KIISE  
With an increase in the utilization of graph streams in various applications, a continuous subgraph matching scheme is required to search the subgraphs that undergo changes in real time. In this paper, we propose an efficient continuous subgraph matching scheme that reuses indexing and performs distributed processing in graph stream environments. In order to perform distributed processing, we propose a query decomposition method based on the degree and subsequently manage the decomposed
more » ... decomposed subqueries as an index. The proposed scheme reuses indexing information to reduce the load on the index caused by the environment in which multiple queries are entered. We also conduct query allocation through a cost model that calculates the indexing load of each server. For efficient performance of distributed processing in stream environments, the proposed scheme was implemented in Storm. Various performance evaluations were conducted to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed scheme.
doi:10.5626/jok.2019.46.8.842 fatcat:xifz75d6gbdenhkchc7aizxj4u