Reduced expression of a subunit gene of sucrose non-fermenting 1 related kinase, PpSnRK1βγ, confers flat fruit abortion in peach by regulating sugar and starch metabolism

Jian Guo, Ke Cao, Jia-Long Yao, Cecilia Deng, Yong Li, Gengrui Zhu, Weichao Fang, Changwen Chen, Xinwei Wang, Jinlong Wu, Wenwu Guo, Lirong Wang
2021 BMC Plant Biology  
Background Fruit abortion is a major limiting factor for fruit production. In flat peach, fruit abortion is present in the whole tree of some accessions during early fruit development. However, the physiological factors and genetic mechanism underlying flat fruit abortion remain largely elusive. Results In this study, we have revealed that the fertilization process was accomplished and the reduction of sucrose and starch contents might result in flat fruit abortion. By combining association and
more » ... ing association and gene expression analysis, a key candidate gene, PpSnRK1βγ, was identified. A 1.67-Mb inversion co-segregated with flat fruit shape altered the promoter activity of PpSnRK1βγ, resulting in much lower expression in aborting flat peach. Ectopic transformation in tomato and transient overexpression in peach fruit have shown that PpSnRK1βγ could increase sugar and starch contents. Comparative transcriptome analysis further confirmed that PpSnRK1βγ participated in carbohydrate metabolism. Subcellular localization found that PpSnRK1βγ was located in nucleus. Conclusions This study provides a possible reason for flat fruit abortion and identified a critical candidate gene, PpSnRK1βγ, that might be responsible for flat fruit abortion in peach. The results will provide great help in peach breeding and facilitate gene identification for fruit abortion in other plant species.
doi:10.1186/s12870-021-02850-9 pmid:33568056 fatcat:dogbebsy5nfzbie3swryb4givu