Online recording of ethane traces in human breath via infrared laser spectroscopy

Golo von Basum, Hannes Dahnke, Daniel Halmer, Peter Hering, Manfred Mürtz
2003 Journal of applied physiology  
A method is described for rapidly measuring the ethane concentration in exhaled human breath. Ethane is considered a volatile marker for lipid peroxidation. The breath samples are analyzed in real time during single exhalations by means of infrared cavity leak-out spectroscopy. This is an ultrasensitive laser-based method for the analysis of trace gases on the sub-parts per billion level. We demonstrate that this technique is capable of online quantifying of ethane traces in exhaled human
more » ... down to 500 parts per trillion with a time resolution of better than 800 ms. This study includes what we believe to be the first measured expirograms for trace fractions of ethane. The expirograms were recorded after a controlled inhalation exposure to 1 part per million of ethane. The normalized slope of the alveolar plateau was determined, which shows a linear increase over the first breathing cycles and ends in a mean value between 0.21 and 0.39 liter Ϫ1 . The washout process was observed for a time period of 30 min and was modelled by a threefold exponential decay function, with decay times ranging from 12 to 24, 341 to 481, and 370 to 1,770 s. Our analyzer provides a promising noninvasive tool for online monitoring of the oxidative stress status.
doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00542.2003 pmid:12897034 fatcat:nviv3rdlq5gzjg4xhwbgfryfqy