İsmail Gaspıralı ve Türkistan Ceditlerinin İlişkilerine Dair Bazı Düşünceler
Some Thoughts on the Relationship of Ismail Gasprinski and Turkistani Jadids

2021 Anadolu kültürel araştırmalar dergisi  
The Jadidism movement, which has spread since the second half of the 19th century and has a certain spiritual ground, it was also seen in Turkestan in the beginnings of the 20th century. Ismail Gasprinski, the spiritual leader and leader of Jadidism, and his works have been both an idea and an action instruction for every person who considers himself intellectual in Turkestan. All Turkestani Jadids accepted Gasprinski as their master. In this research, the articles, memories and poems of
more » ... ani intellectuals, which were published in 1914, reflecting their relations with Gasprinski after his death, and expressing their thoughts on how Gasprinski's ideas affected the Turkish World and the Muslim world, were examined. From this point of view, Gasprinski's successors in Turkestan tried to portray him as a "renovator" of religion. The death of Gasprinski showed the true relationship of the people of that period -be it Russian, local rulers or intellectuals -to this leader. It would be appropriate to evaluate the relations of the people of Turkestan with Gasprinski exactly as if they were. What is emphasized in these ideas is: Gaspirali is the master and the leader of the nation, whose language and business are the same.
doi:10.15659/ankad.v5i3.167 fatcat:bjtufbpxnzdndbjp2776lgqg2y