Induction of apoptosis by 900 MHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from a GSM mobile phone simulator in bystander Jurkat cells

S Mortazavi, N Erfani, H Mozdarani, R Azmoonfar, N Shokrpour
2015 International Journal of Radiation Research   unpublished
Radiaon-induced bystander effect is a response which results in damage in non-irradiated cells in response to signals from the irradiated cells. The aim of the present study was to invesgate microwave-induced bystander effect from a GSM mobile phone simulator on inducon of apoptosis in Jurkat cell line. Materials and Methods: Jurkat cells were divided into three groups of non-irradiated, exposed and bystander (medium transfer from the irradiated cells). The exposed group was subjected to
more » ... subjected to irradiaon from GSM mobile simulator for 2h and12h; the medium from irradiated cells was then transferred to the bystander cells. Apoptosis rate was measured12 and 24 hours a,er treatment by Annex in V 7-AAD kit using flow cytometry. Results: Apoptosis was observed in both exposed and bystander cells of Jurkat cell line. The difference among non-irradiated, exposed and bystander cell groups was significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: From the obtained results it can be concluded that microwave radiaon exposure in Jurkat cells leads to a significant increase in the apoptosis rate not only in the exposed cells but also in the bystander cells.