Conformal supergravity in ten dimensions

E. Bergshoeff, M. De Roo, B. De Wit
1983 Nuclear Physics B  
We present the complete off-shell structure of conformal supergravity in ten dimensions. It is based on 128 + 128 degrees of freedom and its formulation requires differential constraints. We study how these constraints are resolved in four and five dimensions. Covariant conditions are given that restrict conformal supergravity to its on-shell Poincar6 counterpart. In ten dimensions the relationship between the two theories has new and unusual aspects, which we explore in a variety of ways. We
more » ... riety of ways. We rewrite on-shell Poincar6 supergravity in a superconformally invariant form, from which we deduce that its off-shell version must contain at least a scalar (chiral) multiplet. We analyze some aspects of the non-linear structure of the field representation based on the conformal fields combined with one scalar multiplet.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(83)90159-1 fatcat:d3yogj7cubeszlbbm6xnnj3dwm