Biophilic Design: How to enhance physical and psychological health and wellbeing in our built environments

Bettina Bolten, Giuseppe Barbiero
Biophilic Design is an applied science that takes into account the most recent findings on the relationship between Man and Nature to render artificial spaces more coherent with innate human biophilia. It is well known that the application of Biophilic Design reduces stress, stimulates creativity and clear thinking, improves physical and psychological well-being and accelerates healing. Considering the relentless process of global urbanization, these benefits will become increasingly important
more » ... n the design of our urban spaces, architecture and interiors. The aim of the present study is to develop a conceptual framework for Biophilic Design, reducing the gap between scientific research and its translation into functional applications.
doi:10.13135/2384-8677/3829 fatcat:3wztip4dpvfulmoqb4wsfq3keu