A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment for Utilising Laminated Veneer Bamboo as a Primary Structural Material in High-Rise Residential Buildings [chapter]

Philip Kavanagh, Jim Roche, Noel Brady, John Lauder
2018 Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering  
In a time when construction is ranked as one of the world's least sustainable industries consuming about half of the world's non-renewable resources (Hinson, 2012), it is important to develop and advance the methods and means by which we select and use building materials and how we design, engineer and construct our architecture. This research aimed to evaluate a method for utilising laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) as a primary structural material in high-rise residential buildings and evaluate
more » ... ings and evaluate the environmental potential of LVB through a comparative life cycle analysis (LCA). The process of life cycle analysis was completed through the development of a Revit® model and utilising the Tally® life cycle assessment application. A comparative LCA, in particular the global warming potential between laminated veneer bamboo and cross laminated timber, was conducted using a case study model of Stadthaus, Murray Grove, London. This 9-story residential building is constructed using cross laminated timber (CLT) as the primary building material and provides a highly appropriate comparison for this research on the selection of laminated veneer bamboo as an alternative structural material to CLT. The structural aspect of this study aimed to evaluate the mechanical properties of a laminated veneer bamboo sheet product. The capabilities of LVB were reviewed by means of a comparative analysis against timber sheet products (OSB, Plywood). By utilising the strength of engineered bamboo efficiently, a diaphragm panel system was designed and tested as part of the LCA study as an alternative to the CLT panels that were used in the construction of Stadthaus at Murray Grove, London.
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-803581-8.11299-8 fatcat:xs3egriijfb3pbphg5foeey4ve