Dichroic Electro-Optical Behavior of Rhenium Sulfide Layered Crystal

Ching-Hwa Ho
2013 Crystal Structure Theory and Applications  
Dichroic behaviors of layered ReS 2 have been characterized using angular dependent polarized-absorption and resistivity measurements in the van der Waal plane. The angular dependent optical and electrical measurements are carried out with angles ranging from  = 0˚ (E || b) to  = 90˚ (E  b) with respect to the layer crystal's b-axis. The angular dependence of polarized energy gaps of ReS 2 shows a sinusoidal variation of energies from ~1.341 eV (E || b) to ~1.391 eV (E  b) . The
more » ... evidence of polarized energy gap leaves ReS 2 a potential usage for fabrication of a polarized optical switch suitable for polarized optical communication in near-infra-red (NIR) region. Angular dependence of resistivities of ReS 2 in the van der Waal plane has also been evaluated. The relationship of in-plane resistivities shows a sinusoidal-like variation from  = 0˚ (E || b) to 90˚ (E  b) and repeated periodically to 360˚. The experimental results of optical and electrical measurements indicated that ReS 2 is not only an optical-dichroic layer but also an electrical-dichroism material presented in the layer plane.
doi:10.4236/csta.2013.22009 fatcat:7yf5kqmzqvcdxehd2a4c7aqxea