Optimization And Evaluation Of Polyherbal Topical Cream

Sameer Shafi, Shendarkar G R
2021 International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Herbal plants and their combination report therapeutic as a well synergistic effect that has been recognized in medicine. So, taking into account this factor, the polyherbal topical cream formulation was prepared by using plant extracts to improve patient compliance, enhance antimicrobial spectrum and enhance aesthetic properties. The study focused on the topical polyherbal cream formulation for delivery of the active constituents present in plants to improve skin diseases. The plant extracts
more » ... Ocimum sanctum (OS), Rubia cordifolia (RC), Glycyrrhiza glabra (GG) were utilized for the preparation of cream. The formulated cream was subjected to different evaluation parameters and the results depicted that the spreadability of the formulation was low (17.80 ± 1.10g. cm/sec) and that indicates trouble-free spreading, free from grittiness. In rheological properties all the cream formulations also exhibited the same non-Newtonian behaviour. Polyherbal topical cream showed potential antimicrobial activity against all selected microorganisms. Polyherbal topical cream (PHC-5) was ideal in terms of viscosity than other formulations and showed good drug release. Thus, the formulated polyherbal cream was found to be stable in terms of all physicochemical properties.
doi:10.26452/ijrps.v12i1.4522 fatcat:wlx4dmwffvel3jw5hxs25y2dw4