Alcator C-Mod Experiments in Support of the ITER Baseline 15 MA Scenario [report]

et al C Kessel
2013 unpublished
Experiments on Alcator C-Mod have addressed several issues for the ITER 15 MA baseline scenario from 2009-2012. Rampup studies show ICRF can save significant V-s, and that an H-mode in the ramp can be utilized to save 50% more. ICRF modifications to li(1) are minimal, although the Te profile is peaked relative to ohmic in the plasma center, and alter sawtooth onset times. Rampdown studies show H-modes can be routinely sustained, avoiding an OH coil over-current associated with the H-L
more » ... h the H-L transition, that fast rampdowns are preferred, the density drops with Ip, and that the H-L transition occurs at P loss /P thr,LH ~ 1.0-1.3 at n/n Gr ~ 0.85. Flattop plasmas targeting ITER baseline parameters have been sustained for 20 τ E or 8-13 τ CR , but only reach H 98 ~ 0.6 at n/n Gr = 0.85, rising to 0.9 at n/n Gr = 0.65.
doi:10.2172/1090607 fatcat:raxk6cq3qrb6jl22awqaj2nv4e