Determinants of Feedlot Cattle Death Loss Rates

Mark Buda, Kellie Curry Raper, John Michael Riley, Derrell S. Peel
2021 Journal of applied farm economics  
Death loss in feedlot cattle can have significant impacts on feedlot profitability. Not only does death loss result in foregone revenue, but the operation still incurs the costs to date associated with those animals. This study uses pen-level feedlot data from a private feedlot in the Southern Great Plains. Both company-owned and customer retained ownership cattle are included in the data set. A Tobit model is used to analyze pen characteristics' influence on death loss in feedlot cattle,
more » ... edlot cattle, including cattle characteristics, source characteristics, management characteristics, and treatment incidence. Results imply that several pen characteristics impact death loss and that cattle source, in terms of both cattle source geographic location and market source type, has a significant influence on death loss rate.
doi:10.7771/2331-9151.1037 fatcat:hh7buyz6gzfwpkpl3xzzeimzsi