TreatJS: Higher-Order Contracts for JavaScript (Artifact)

Matthias Keil, Peter Thiemann
2015 Proceedings of the 29th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming   unpublished
TreatJS is a language embedded, higher-order contract system for JavaScript which enforces contracts by run-time monitoring. Beyond providing the standard abstractions for building higher-order contracts (base, function, and object contracts), TreatJS's novel contributions are its guarantee of non-interfering contract execution, its systematic approach to blame assignment, its support for contracts in the style of union and intersection types, and its notion of a parameterized contract scope,
more » ... ich is the building block for composable run-time generated contracts that generalize dependent function contracts. TreatJS is implemented as a library so that all aspects of a contract can be specified using the full JavaScript language. The library relies on JavaScript proxies to guarantee full interposi-tion for contracts. It further exploits JavaScript's reflective features to run contracts in a sandbox environment, which guarantees that the execution of contract code does not modify the application state. No source code transformation or change in the JavaScript run-time system is required. 1998 ACM Subject Classification D.2.4 Software/Program Verification