ICE volume 4 issue 2 Cover and Back matter

1983 Infection Control  
NEW from Seamless... all-in-one disposable skin scrub trays and packs, including antiseptic solution, and latex surgeon's gloves. Complete: Towels, winged sponges, surgeon's gloves, sponge sticks.. .even an antiseptic paint and scrub solution. A complete kit for a Sterile: No risk of crosscomplete skin scrub procedure, contamination. Cleaning and sterilization time-and the associated costs-are eliminated . Convenient: Completely disposable, like all Seamless Skin Scrub Trays. Use it once...
more » ... w it away. Solution packets have special ring handles for easier opening, even with wet hands. Four options: Four different component assortments available. Choose the tray or pack you need for practically any procedure.
doi:10.1017/s0195941700057726 fatcat:pdholjyqb5dwnklo46r3y6srru