Additional file 3 of Horizontal transfer of a retrotransposon between parasitic nematodes and the common shrew [stub]

Sonja Dunemann, James Wasmuth
2019 Figshare  
Table S1-2 and Figures S1-5. Table S1 shows stats of RTE1_Sar in genome assemblies. Table S2 contains the BUSCO scores for the S. araneus genome assembly. Figure S1 shows BUSCO scores for Ensemble vertebrates, Figure S2 shows the results of the BlobTools analysis for the S. araneus genome assembly. Figure S3 contains phylogenies of RTE1_Sar based on amino acid sequences. Figure S4 shows a tree of RTE1_Sar based on individual RTE1_Sar copies. Figure S5 contains star-like phylogenies of
more » ... genies of individual RTE1_Sar copies within species. (PDF 1686 kb)
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.8207192.v1 fatcat:eh6pwn3fbneb3emowq7urzax6q