Wireless Multi-Hop Network Data Transmission of Multi-Parameter Joint Control

Liang Zong, Yudan Ning, Chenglin Zhao, Gaofeng Luo, Baoxing Pu
2021 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review  
The multi-hop routing composed of wireless nodes in wireless multi-hop network can cause serious data loss, which affects the transmission performance of multi-hop network. To reveal the influence of data loss on the transmission performance of wireless multi-hop networks, this study proposed a transmission control method based on multiparameter judgment of network status. A judgment model of wireless multi-hop network condition was established according to the feedback information of several
more » ... rameters. The congestion status of wireless multi-hop network and the random errors in data transmission were analyzed on the basis of three parameters, namely, inter-packet delay difference, short-term throughput, and packet out-of-order delivery ratio. After evaluating the wireless multi-hop network status, the growth factor of the congestion window was introduced combined with the number of hops in the link and the weighted packet loss rate, and the window growth rate was analyzed. Moreover, the accuracy of the scheme was verified by experiments. Results demonstrate that the growth rate of the congestion window can improve the transmission rate of wireless multi-hop networks. Compared with the traditional Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) scheme, the proposed scheme improves the throughput by nearly 35% in the chain topology scenario of wireless multi-hop networks. The study provides reference for evaluating the performance of data transmission in wireless multi-hop networks.
doi:10.25103/jestr.142.10 fatcat:73rfdvwl4ngafgylpvbetaydoy