EDUCATION AS A PREREQUISITE achieve sustainable development and a basis for future progress

T. P. Nikolaeva, I. B. Bicheva
2017 Вестник Мининского университета  
Relevance of education as key factor of creation of steadier society and the education role as the most important instrument of effective management and development of democracy necessary for achievement of a sustainable development is highlighted locates in article. In this article scientific-theoretical aspects and the leading tendencies of the concept of education for a sustainable development (OUR) are opened, the terminological concept "Education in Interests of a Sustainable Development"
more » ... nable Development" is given, the purposes and the fundamental principles of the education meeting the requirements of a sustainable development of society are allocated. In the publication it is said that education and a sustainable development - two processes directed to the future and urged to provide qualitative life to present and future generations. The education purpose for a sustainable development - the continuous professional and personal development of the person helping it to understand the potential opportunities, to create abilities to resolve life and professional situations, the providing improvement of quality of his life, harmonies, necessary for achievement, between the results of society, state which are trained and requirements of a sustainable development. Opportunities and restrictions of education in interests of a sustainable development from a position of its preservation and development are defined.
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