Ontogenetic comparison of larvae and juveniles of Diaphus garmani and Benthosema pterotum (Myctophidae, Pisces) collected from Korea

Hye-Lyang Lee, Jin-Koo Kim, Hyo-Jae Yu, Jung-Nyun Kim
2020 Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  
During June 2017, we collected two postflexion larvae (6.01 and 7.56 mm in standard length [SL]) and two juveniles (7.72 and 9.62 mm SL) belonging to Myctophidae in the waters of Jejudo Island. Those four individuals were identified as Diaphus garmani, which had not been reported in Korea. They were distinguished from Benthosema pterotum by melanophores in the abdominal cavity (absent in D. garmani vs. present in B. pterotum) and the development of photophores (developed in D. garmani vs.
more » ... ntary in B. pterotum) when shorter than 10.0 mm SL. Analysis of 16S rRNA sequences showed that the sequences of four individuals matched those of adult D. garmani (Kimura 2-parameter distance: 0.6-0.8%). This is the first record of larvae and juveniles of D. garmani in Korean waters, and we propose a new Korean name, Gar-ma-ni-sat-bi-neul-chi.
doi:10.1186/s41240-020-00163-w fatcat:4k7dgp745vdkzb5lyhkj4rvtl4