Performance and durability studies of ORR electrocatalysts for PEMFC cathodes

Elisabeth Hornberger, Technische Universität Berlin, Peter Strasser
Hydrogen is a significant component for the realization of radical decarbonization and reduction of emission for the coupled sectors of energy generation and storage, transportation, housing, and industry. In particular, the so-called "green" hydrogen is produced from renewable energies at zero-emission. By this process, the electrical energy from wind, solar or hydro power is chemically stored in form of hydrogen that can be converted to hydrocarbons such as methane or directly used in the
more » ... ication sectors. In direct use, the hydrogen fuel cell is an essential technology and is vitally important in the transportation sector. The extensive application of hydrogen fuel cells is limited by three factors: high costs due to the usage of platinum group metal (PGM) as catalyst material, insufficient performance during operation, and low durability in long-term usage. Hence, this doctoral thesis aims at the development, characterization and testing of catalysts for the cathode side of the fuel cell and the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Close attention is paid to an optimized usage of the deployed noble metals improved performance and enhanced durability. A typical ORR catalyst consists of two components, in particular catalytically active PGM-based nanoparticles and an electrical conducting support material. Two approaches are selected in this work to optimize electrochemical properties of the catalysts. One approach deals with the further synthesis development of catalytically active nanoparticles by improved particle deposition in a fluidized bed reactor for better PGM utilization, a "green" seed-mediated synthesis route for the production of octahedrally shaped platinum nanoparticle with high ORR activity and high electrochemical active surface area, as well as molybdenum and rhodium doping of octahedrally shaped platinum-nickel nanoparticles for the improvement of ORR activity and durability. The other approach deals with investigation of the performance and durability of N-doped carbon supports and ruthenium- [...]
doi:10.14279/depositonce-16177 fatcat:fze6oera2zcmfffskycnm2wu34