The Existence of Midwives in a Role of Refferal for Maternal Health Problems

Peranan Keberadaan, Joko Irianto, Asri Adisasmita, Budi Utomo, Peranan Keberadaan, Bidan Dalam, Rujukan Maternal, Joko Irianto, Asri Adisasmita, Budi Utomo, Pusat Teknologi, Intervensi Kesehatan (+2 others)
Maternal health program in rural development is an attempt to get closer access to maternal health services that are expected to reduce the occurrence of maternal deaths. The placement of midwives to villace is important to delivery and refferal accesed. Objectives: This study aims to determine the contributions of midwives who live in the same villages where the mother stay for the purpose of refferal mechanism work to prevent maternal deaths as well as evaluating the midwives performance.
more » ... es performance. Methods: Sampels were 3493 of maternal deaths found from a half of population's census-2010, and then to follow up by Maternal Follow up Studi 2012 to found health utilization data. Analisys by multivariate logistic regression was applied to determine role of each factors contribute toplace of maternal deaths. Results: The midwives who stay in the village increased the likelihoodof mother died in the hospital or preventing deaths occurred at home. Other factors contributing to maternal deaths are the recommendation for referring mother to the health facility and acces. Conclusions: The government policy of the placement midwives to stay at village for referring mother are recommended and need to be supported by all involved sectors.