Photoabsorption and Compton scattering in ionization of helium at high photon energies

L. R. Andersson, J. Burgdörfer
1993 AIP Conference Proceedings  
All STIrACT Production of singly and doubly charted helium ions by Impact of keV photo,s ts studied. The ratio Rp0, -o+h+/a+h for photoabsorption Is calculated In the photon. en,_rsy ranse 2-18 keY ,sing correlated lnltla!, and lAnai.state wave functions. Extrap. elation towards asymptotic photon _.nergleuyields Rj,h(w--oo) = 1.60% !n agreement with previous predictions, ionization due to Compton scattering, which becomes com. parable to photoabsorption above w ", 3 keV, is discussed.
doi:10.1063/1.45252 fatcat:ej5vt6364je45ih7sdxv4ikaxu