Avifauna within the Main Campus of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hassan A Rudayni
2021 Journal of Biomedical Research & Environmental Sciences  
Avian diversity of two zones within the main campus of IMSIU University was studied during the period from July 2019 to June 2020. A total number of 1,653 individual birds was recorded across the main campus which falls under fifteen species belonging to thirteen families. Out of this number, 760 individual of them were recorded in Zone-A versus 893 individual in Zone-B. Species richness in Zone-A was 15 while species richness in Zone-B was 13. Census index of the Birds was recorded as follows:
more » ... 4.6 Birds/ha and 7.9 Birds/ha in both Zones A and B, respectively. Bird species sighted was higher in Zone-B as compared with Zone-A, as indicated by Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index (H) which accounts for 1.83 in Zone-A and 1.65 in Zone-B. Pigeon (Columba livia), House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) and Laughing Dove (Spilopelia senegalensis) were among the most frequently sighted. From the current study, it is recommended that Zone-B be pedestrianized for the enrichment and protection of the avian species. Also, new policies should be put forward by the relevant authority within the main campus to maintain avian diversity, such as expanding afforestation and green landscapes, in addition to the establishment of artificial lakes and ponds.
doi:10.37871/jbres1379 fatcat:7k7mui7rnbdovbytgrvj6wd4nm