Hydrogen Production from the Oxidation of Human Excretion Products

Lozada-Castro Jj, Delacruz-Romo Ca, Cueltan-Solarte
2018 Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research   unpublished
An electrochemical system was developed to produce hydrogen from organic compounds present in the products of human excretion. The electrochemical reactions were separated into two compartments: the oxidation of organic matter in an anodic half-cell and the production of hydrogen by the reduction of hydronium ions present in the chemical equilibrium of the water in a cathodic half-cell. A membrane system separates the half-cells and a system of electric bridges compensates the current flow
more » ... e current flow generating two perpendicular to each other electric fields and establishing experimental load/mass balance, generating a selective ion flow cell (SIFC) which produces hydrogen with values higher than 90% purity, also, it is energy efficient because it produces 79% of the electrical energy applied to the system. In this work was used as reference molecule urea, which is the most abundant organic compound in the urine.