Development of mechanisms by using conceptual system dynamics models to resolve delay in construction projects

Diilip Kumar Das
A major concern in the construction industry remains with the non understanding of the mechanisms that cause delay in construction. Therefore, the objective of the paper is to evolve mechanisms, which could assist in identifying activities and events, comprehend and foresee the causal feedback relations among the variables that cause delay, and take appropriate actions to resolve the challenges of delay. A survey was conducted among 120 stakeholders from various construction projects in India.
more » ... projects in India. Evaluation of the major control parameters were done by using Likert scale. Subsequently, conceptual models were developed by using System Dynamics modelling principles. The important causal feedback relations from the conceptual models were used to evolve mechanisms to understand the events and chain of actions that lead to delay; which could assist in evolving policy/strategic interventions to resolve the challenges. It was observed that most of the client, contractor, consultant and design related variables are the major causes of occurrence of delay. However, policy/strategic interventions based on the four dynamic hypotheses; such as, the causal feedback relationships among (1) communication, decision-making, progress in payment and construction delay; (2) effective planning and scheduling, planning for finance and budget ahead, adoption of construction methods, contingencies in planning for rework and exigencies by the contractor and construction delay; (3) appointment of highly competent consultant and design team, delay in producing the design documents and delay in construction; and (4) provision of effective communication mechanism, conflict resolution and delay in construction, would able to assist in resolving delay in construction.
doi:10.14288/1.0076439 fatcat:i54v2gjpybhnbd2r4tqmqmcicm