Attitude as a Mediator between Sustainable Behaviour and Sustainable Knowledge: An Approximation through a Case Study in the Dominican Republic

Cándida María Domínguez-Valerio, Salvador Moral-Cuadra, Miguel Jesús Medina-Viruel, Francisco Orgaz-Agüera
2019 Social Sciences  
The current ongoing globalisation shows an increasing amount of issues regarding sustainability, which is to be addressed from the very first stages. In this sense, different variables have been measured in the form of a survey in order to learn about the behaviour, attitude and knowledge of high school students in the Dominican Republic regarding sustainability, using a methodology based on structural equations through the SmartPls (v. 3.2.8) program. Among the main deductions, a mediation
more » ... een their knowledge and behaviour towards sustainable development is to be highlighted.
doi:10.3390/socsci8100288 fatcat:snkelizmwnhyhan2mxzvm4i2y4