Foreign direct investment in Algeria and its relation to the legislative framework

2019 مجلة الاجتهاد للدراسات القانونية والاقتصادية  
Algeria needs more than ever to diversify the economy and free itself from dependence on petroleum and hydrocarbons in general. One of the opportunities available for foreign investment, which is an important source in the pace of development with its capital, technology, modern management methods and other factors Which over the past decades has been an obstacle to the national economy. Algeria should therefore improve negotiations with this phenomenon. In order to attract foreign investments,
more » ... oreign investments, and with the intention of changing to a market economy, especially with the end of the eighties, Algeria worked to create the conditions to convince foreign investors and encourage them to choose Algeria as a fertile destination for their investments. This is through a series of regulatory and legislative measures. The various bureaucratic and tax barriers and the enactment of an arsenal of laws to provide a kind of transparency to guarantee the rights of each party in the investment equation.
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