Effect of Combining Precompression Grooves, PCFV And DCFV on Pump Noise Generation

Ganesh Kumar Seeniraj, Minming Zhao, Monika Ivantysynova
2011 International Journal of Fluid Power  
Noise emission from axial piston machines has been studied for several decades by many researchers and pump manufacturers. As a result, different design methods for reducing the sources of pump noise have been proposed and are in use. The authors have studied and compared the effectiveness of several passive design methods. One of the outcomes of the study is the finding that among the passive design methods, precompression grooves and precompression filter volume (PCFV) are most effective in
more » ... ducing the noise sources in the axial piston machines in a wide range of operating conditions. The limitations of precompression grooves and PCFV are explained and a new design method which combines the precompression grooves, PCFV and decompression filter volume (DCFV) has been proposed. The proposed combination of design methods is parameterized and uses a multi-objective optimization procedure. The effectiveness of the proposed optimization procedure (a combination of precompression grooves, PCFV and DCFV) is demonstrated using simulation results in comparison to precompression grooves and PCFV. The results show that a combination of precompression grooves, PCFV with groove and DCFV with groove, is effective in reducing both the fluid borne noise source (FBNS) and the structure borne noise source (SBNS) simultaneously in an axial piston machine at a wide range of operating conditions. It has also been shown that the proposed method allows noise source reduction without affecting volumetric efficiency.
doi:10.1080/14399776.2011.10781037 fatcat:6lgdjqcoibaftdgf4zj5hjuj2a