Dynamic scene deblurring and image de-raining based on generative adversarial networks and transfer learning for Internet of vehicle

Bingcai Wei, Liye Zhang, Kangtao Wang, Qun Kong, Zhuang Wang
2021 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
AbstractExtracting traffic information from images plays an increasingly significant role in Internet of vehicle. However, due to the high-speed movement and bumps of the vehicle, the image will be blurred during image acquisition. In addition, in rainy days, as a result of the rain attached to the lens, the target will be blocked by rain, and the image will be distorted. These problems have caused great obstacles for extracting key information from transportation images, which will affect the
more » ... eal-time judgment of vehicle control system on road conditions, and further cause decision-making errors of the system and even have a bearing on traffic accidents. In this paper, we propose a motion-blurred restoration and rain removal algorithm for IoV based on generative adversarial network and transfer learning. Dynamic scene deblurring and image de-raining are both among the challenging classical research directions in low-level vision tasks. For both tasks, firstly, instead of using ReLU in a conventional residual block, we designed a residual block containing three 256-channel convolutional layers, and we used the Leaky-ReLU activation function. Secondly, we used generative adversarial networks for the image deblurring task with our Resblocks, as well as the image de-raining task. Thirdly, experimental results on the synthetic blur dataset GOPRO and the real blur dataset RealBlur confirm the effectiveness of our model for image deblurring. Finally, as an image de-raining task based on transfer learning, we can fine-tune the pre-trained model with less training data and show good results on several datasets used for image rain removal.
doi:10.1186/s13634-021-00829-0 fatcat:k752rxm64rhb3iwumgejlxvqfq