Прогностичний потенціал серіалу (на прикладі антології «Чорне дзеркало»)

Дригола В. О., O. Hudoshnyk
2020 Zenodo  
Dryhola V., Hudoshnyk O. Prognostic potential of TV series (based on the "Black Mirror" anthology) The article deals with the main problematic aspects of the information space functioning based on "Black Mirror" sci-fi anthology series. The subject was studied by applying two basic methods such as descriptive method and analysis. As a result of the use of these methods the issues of privacy insecurity, the use of information as a manipulation tool and lack of responsibility in the information
more » ... n the information space were identified. The study has shown that problems raised in the "Black Mirror" anthology find their analogies in current state of information space. Furthermore, it has been found that these TV series, with regard to the futuristic aspect, provide variability to the development of information technology that may occur in the nearest future. For example, recording one's own recollections by using the memory implant or supervision over society through the social rating. The scientific novelty lies in the system approach to the study of the "Black Mirror" TV series in terms of the raised issues of humanity and advanced information technology coexistence. Practical significance of this study lies in possibility of "Black Mirror" to fulfill its prognostic function. Thereby these TV series should be studied as the source of forecasting the information processes in the future.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3860028 fatcat:zv2q2o2jejatxffm2e2wrypfie