Bacteriologicalquality of frozenminced meat in MenofiaGovernorate

Hemmat El gendy, Faten Hasanine, Amani Salem, Nahla Abu-Elroos
2019 Benha veterinary medical journal  
A B S T R A C T A total of one hundred random samples of frozen minced beef (340g of each) were collected from four different meat factories A,B,C and D their products marketed in Menofia Governorate(25 for each). Factory D, recorded the highest count of Aerobic plate count (APC), Enterobacteriaceae and coliform as 9.17×105±2.03×105,7.29×104±1.10×104 and 3.13× 104 ±0.62× 104cfu/g were recorded, respectively. Followed by factory C that recorded 4.90×105± 0.58×105, 5.42×104 ±0.83×104 and1.89× 104
more » ... ±0.35× 104cfu/g, respectively. In addition, factory D recorded the highest pathogenic load of staphylococci and staphylococcus aureus with 4.65× 104± 0.76 ×104 & 1.16 ×104 ±0.24×104 cfu/g, respectively. Followed by factory C which recorded 2.33 ×104± 0.49× 104 & 8.83× 103 ±1.91× 103 cfu/g, respectively. The highest incidence of Escherichia coli, Salmonella and S.aureus in factory D were 36%, 28%& 68% followed by factory C were 24%,20% &52%, then factory B were 20%,16% & 40%, finally factory A were 12%, 8% and 24%, respectively. Achieved results in the present study proved that minced meat samples at factory C and D were highly contaminated that may considered a reliable index of fecal contamination and improper handling during processing.
doi:10.21608/bvmj.2019.14642.1043 fatcat:huew3d52bvdutiq4wmkazdymqi