Efeito da história de reforçamento da reversibilidade intraverbal sobre o desempenho em relações não treinadas [book]

Carolina dos Santos Jesuino da Natividade
A relevant aspect of verbal behavior is the initial functional independence between several verbal operants. Functional independence between verbal operants described by Skinner can be expanded into the same operating: the intraverbal. Was taught to undergraduate students a sense of pairs of intraverbal Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese and tested the emergency of the reversal of intraverbal relations without specific training. The experiment was divided into two phases whose difference
more » ... es whose difference consisted in pairs of words used. Each phase was composed of intraverbal Training, Testing and Training Reversal. The results indicate a significant effect of the first phase on the second, there issuing reversibility intraverbal with fewer blocks on Training Reversal in this phase, but without precise reversibility in both phases before the specific training. It is argued that know intraverbal relations in a sense is not enough that there is the accurate emergence of intraverbal relations in reverse and the reversibility of intraverbal operant is due to a history of reinforcement.
doi:10.33872/efeitodahistoria2019 fatcat:mrylxvaucbd4hjpzzdz4nvnn5y