International standardisation work on the measurement of radon in air and water

D. Calmet, R. Ameon, T. Beck, A. Bombard, M. N. Bourquin, S. Brun, P. De Jong, M. Forte, M. Fournier, M. Herranz, S. Jerome, A. Klett (+9 others)
2011 Radiation Protection Dosimetry  
Radon is considered to be the main source of human exposure to natural radiation. As stated by the World Health Organization, the exposure due to the inhalation of indoor radon is much greater than the one via the ingestion of water as radon degasses from water during handling. In response to these concerns about the universal presence of radon, environmental assessment studies are regularly commissioned to assess the radon exposure of public and workers. The credibility of such studies relies
more » ... uch studies relies on the quality and reliability of radon analysis as well as on the sample representativeness of the radiological situation. The standard-setting approach, based on consensus, seemed to lend itself to a settlement of technical aspects of potential comparison. At present, two Working Groups of the International Standardization Organization are focussing on drafting standards on radon and its decay products measurement in air and water. These standards, which aim for a set of rigorous metrology practices, will be useful for persons in charge of the initial characterisation of a site with respect to natural radioactivity as well as to those performing the routine surveillance of specific sites.
doi:10.1093/rpd/ncr077 pmid:21498866 fatcat:iy3nrou45rf3fd64keqz47jdmq