Lead for research, education and innovation in recovery and to build resilience

2020 Zenodo  
The leading universities of science and technology united within CESAER welcome the European Commission's proposal for the recovery plan for Europe and corresponding new proposal for the EU long-term budget from 2021 to 2027. The extraordinary challenges to Europe and beyond following the global spread of the novel coronavirus indeed deserve unprecedented vision and actions at EU-level for the cultural, economic and societal recovery, and to build resilience in pursuit of ecological, economic
more » ... logical, economic and social sustainability (European Green Deal) and digitalisation (Europe fit for the digital age). The past months have demonstrated the vital role of science and technology in contributing to tackling global challenges such as pandemics and major others that loom behind this current one. In short, the past months have strongly reconfirmed the vital importance of research, innovation and education as global public goods to lead recovery and to build resilience in Europe and beyond. However, we agree with the European University Association (EUA) that the EU seven-year budget proposal falls short of urgently needed education and R&I investment and with the League of European Research Universities (LERU) that the European Commission budget proposals are good, but not good enough. Knowledge vital for recovery and to build resilience Research and innovation are essential to understand diseases, their impact and to develop and refine treatments and responses. This includes the world-leading frontier research which is today supporting the response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Excellent science and technology are indispensable for pushing the boundaries of our knowledge, and for the development of new ideas and solutions urgently needed for recovery and building resilience. We welcome more European coordination, action and leadership as demonstrated through the ERAvsCorona action plan and the #EUvsVirus initiative (where we are a partner). We further emphasise the need to support education and training in the re [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3886574 fatcat:rlgotuezcvbxjl64ajbh7u5gua