Survey on inundation in Setagaya and Ota Wards due to 2019 Typhoon Hagibis
2019年台風19号による世田谷区 および大田区における浸水状況の調査

Takahito MIKAMI, Naoaki SUEMASA, Kazuya ITOH, Tsuyoshi TANAKA
2021 Journal of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science  
Typhoon Hagibis struck Japan in October 2019, bringing severe damage in the eastern part of Japan due to heavy rain associated with it. The inundation disaster occurred in the area surrounded by Tama River, Maruko River, and Yazawa River, which lies on the border between Setagaya and Ota Wards. In the present paper, the results of the field survey on the distribution of inundation depths in this area were reported, with the description of the physical characteristics of the area and the
more » ... and water levels in the Tama River basin during this event. It was found that a large part of the area was inundated, and the inundation depths were larger in the places where the ground elevation was locally lower than the surroundings with the maximum inundation depth of more than 2 m. The distribution of inundation heights indicates that the water was flowing from west to east in this area.
doi:10.24762/jndsj.39.4_377 fatcat:6au3rofl4fcaxmrzwrboawuyce