Sevantics of passive structures in English scope

2022 Проблеми гуманітарних наук Серія Філологія  
The passive voice is viewed as an integral part of the English language functioning and is used as an indicator of efficient writing and information presentation. Texts written in the passive voice are perceived as more objective, but can also be said to be ambiguous. The article outlines the importance of the passive voice structures in the English language context. The authors focus on the cases of appropriate use of passive structures in the English language. Theoretical analysis and
more » ... l study of passive constructions peculiarities in the English language allow us to claim that the English passive form of verbs differs from the passive constructions of the Ukrainian language. This proves the relevance of translation knowledge for the most sufficient interpretation of these constructions. The fact is that the passive construction is widely used in English is shown via English examples. The authors outline the division of English passive constructions into direct and indirect ones. The samples of structures with direct application, indirect application and prepositional application are presented. The given examples lead to an active understanding of passive structures functioning in the English language. The verbs in the English language, which can be used only with certain passive constructions, have become essential for us to mention from the point of view of grammar structures. We provide a reader with significant examples of their functioning in these structures as well. We aim to explain the use of various verb categories in several passive constructions. Recommendations for the use of the above verbs in the passive voice are represented and detailed examples are given. The percentage reliably indicates the importance of using passive constructions with certain verbs.
doi:10.24919/2522-4565.2022.50.6 fatcat:ecv7rcu2vfgobng5hc7x7ncfhe